SBAMUG members can have their own web site. This is mine. I use Freeway to create and maintain it but there are other programs you can use to create one.

"Helping Beginners" is one of my missions. Technology doesn't have to be difficult and my goal is to make it easy to understand. I'm mostly self-taught -- just sharing my experiences and passing along what I've learned. This site is a way I can help do that.

From a Jan 2011 WSJ article: 35% of 18-33 years old use the Internet. Only 3% of those 74 and older do.

I wrote articles for our club newsletter for many years and have posted articles from 2004-2008 and presentations to the beginners group and main meetings on the Articles page. They're getting a bit old, but maybe some still relevant.

Miscellaneous topics are on the Topics page. I discuss some of the software I use along with some how-to-do-it projects.

Another page is called Reviews. I like to try new software and hardware and thought I'd share my thoughts, positive and negative.

Finally, if you're curious about me, check the About Me page.

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